Niagara Arts And Cultural Center

Niagara Arts & Cultural Center

Take a short drive from The Falls to one of Niagara Falls’ neighborhoods where you’ll discover a real community treasure in the arts. The Niagara Arts & Cultural Center (The NACC) gives a property rich in history a new purpose as studio, gallery and performance space for local artists.

The NACC is an eclectic experience in the arts for travelers who like to support the arts, seek out experiences to engage with the creative community or venture off the beaten path for a uniquely local experience.

Explore the NACC

The NACC is home to over 100 artists. Walk through the big red door of this Greco-Roman building, and see what you can discover on a self-guided exploration of this former high school. The first floor hosts a gallery, which is always free to the public and features rotating exhibits, a cafe serving lunch daily, a gift shop and Niagara’s radio station, WJJL.  Look for a selfie opportunity to picture yourself in a barrel on the brink of The Falls.

Stroll through upper floors of the building and you may hear music flowing from the practice rooms, or a theater performance in rehearsal. Art installations are disbursed throughout the building and you may be treated to an open artist’s studio. Jewelry, painting, sculpture, music, photography and more fill the studios. Each artist keeps their own hours, so the experience changes daily. Weekends are often the best time to find open studios, since many of the tenants also have day jobs. Several of the tenants have local ties to the former high school property or the neighborhood and rich stories to share about your surroundings.

Come during lunch hours and you’ll be able to enjoy lunch in Starry Night Café, in an atmosphere reminiscent of Van Gogh’s paintings. Grab one of their sandwiches, wraps, soups or salad made fresh on site.  Wander down the hall to the gallery space to see what’s on display. Or check the NACC’s events schedule for the timing of workshops, live entertainment and special events. There’s almost always something happening at the NACC.

Visiting the NACC

The NACC is a stop on the Discover Niagara Shuttle route. Ride the Discover Niagara Shuttle for free and in the summer and hop on and off at the NACC.

Gallery hours are Monday-Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM and Weekends 12-4PM.
Find out what’s going on currently at the Niagara Arts & Cultural Center on their website.