Take a helicopter over Niagara Falls

Have you ever thought about taking a helicopter over Niagara Falls?

We took a flight. Although we’ve seen the Falls hundreds of times, this opportunity was such a unique view, it felt like seeing the area for the first time.

Here’s just a minute out of our tour, to you give you an idea of what the trip is like.

We’re just showing a short clip, to not spoil any of the adventure for you and recommend experiencing it yourself.

Flying over the region gives a special perspective.  See how the geography and landmarks of the area connect.

Niagara Falls joins the Upper and Lower Niagara River to connect the water levels of 2 of the Great Lakes.

The 3 Falls: Horseshoe, Bridal Veil and American also bridge the international border between the United States and Canada.

When you’re high above Niagara Falls in a helicopter,  you get a full understanding of how this beautiful landscape comes together.

Thanks to Rainbow Air Helicopter Tours for our ride!

Aerial view by helicopter over Niagara FAlls