COVID-19 Guidelines for Visiting Niagara Falls

Need to know what the current COVID-19 regulations or guidelines are for a visit you’re planning to Niagara Falls?

The information changes, so your best resource is to check these resource sites.

The Falls are located within Niagara Falls State Park, in Niagara County in New York State.

You can find the latest for these locations by visiting their websites through the links below.

Niagara County COVID-19 information

New York State – travel advisories and guidelines

When the State or County guidelines recommend following CDC guidelines, you can find that link below.

Center for Disease Control

Niagara Falls also spans the international border between the United State and Canada. The Rainbow Bridge connects roadway travelers between Niagara Falls, New York and Niagara Falls, Canada. If you’re looking to cross the border, you’ll need proper ID and to follow any testing or travel guidelines for cross-border travel between the US and Canada.

Be sure to check the requirements for both crossings during your trip.  COVID guidelines for crossing to NIagara Falls, NY and Niagara Falls, Canada may vary.

Niagara Falls Bridge Commission